EP Chromé

by The Peaceful Majority

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100% Auto-produit.

Vocal: Hermann Breton
Basse: Vincent Tremblay
Batteur: Jesse Bédard
Guitare: Nicolas Côté


released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


The Peaceful Majority Plessisville, Québec

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Track Name: RATM
I can't avoid the dramatic scheme
Tryn'a forget what life really is
Running away now spills the time I did save for my darkest days

I've settled traps to lure my fate,
But you know life, it never waits
Oh, I've heard that so many times
Yo you can run, but you can't

Mistakes are made to learn from, but still they got a lot to teach me
Mistakes are made to learn from
I won't back down with fear and hatred
I won't back down

I struggled for a god damn while
Getting ri* of each of my sins
All thoses fights to break up free
Ending up to a clever answer

I found the wisdom to manage what I can change
And accept what I just can't
Preserving myself from falling again

I won't back down within the pain
I wont't back down with fear and hate
Track Name: Tribal Spaceship
Gun around
Gotta run
Kill a nun
Go crazy he just OD'ed molly

Right now was the first try
and the last lie
Don't you damn cry
Or dare ask why

Cause I made a choice
Cause I know I must
Whatever the cost
Never gonna cross my fingers

Cause I have abused
When I had the blues
Laughing at the fools
Never gonna loose my temper again
No never again
No never again
No never...

Never again I will loose it on you, no way

I feel sorry for you, my son
I feel sorry for you, my son
I know how you felt that day and
I can relate to your demons

I feel sorry for you, my son
I feel sorry for you, my son

War at home
Home alone
Lock him down
Make him drown in his own piss and vodka
No pity for the one that prayed the lord
Ughh, where was my rope

Cause you wanted this
Now think about it
Cause you wanted war
Why not just share peace

I'm making waves
I did deat with it
Now your turn
Why not just share

Track Name: Obligation Nocturne
I remember the times when I was easely distracted from the way I choosed, over again
I have been young as well, I've been coming straight back from hell not so long ago, still I complain
Ripping all of my strings tryn'a get some kind of feeling from that ugly wound inside of me

Because sometimes life is hard, I've been broken into pieces loosing hope, all of my will, I've hitted the grounds
Because sometimes, woah sometimes we all need a hand

Burning all my memories in some different kinds of medecines 'till there's nothing left outta the pain
I know how it should be, still more simple to stay happy
Hardcore rockin' the blame, line it all on
Ripping all of my string tryn'a get some kind of feeling from that ugly wound inside of me